When putting up Daymoths album Back in Time, hearing the first tones of Thank You, closing your eyes and just sitting there, wandering off into the organy flows of the first song, you can’t help but see flashes of wide and fragrant forests, dancing girls with long hair and even longer dresses, Pulp Fiction scenes, brown record players and kaleidoscopic pictures. No smoking here.

The debut album (December 2011) of indie rock-pop Minnesota duo Emily Dantuma and Ollie Dodge leaves little room for personal interpretation, but at the same time leaves nothing BUT this. The husband-and-wife team, with Dantuma on piano/organs and vocals and Dodge playing the drums and doing – mostly backing – vocals, creates a minimal sixties sound with their eccentric piano and light snares. Your mind literally takes a walk with you and basically takes you Back in Time, listening to Dantuma’s Kate Bush-like voice.

Having been in larger bands together, like Vox Vermillion and Mr. Mustachio throughout the past ten years, the experimental nature of their music is still noticeable, yet Back in Time is very easy on the ears, sometimes eerie – tracks like ‘In Spite’ and ‘180’ – and snoozy, in a relaxing chill mode kind of way. This is the music in your I-can-fly-dream. Music and singing as you go along, like experimental jazz. Or, as the couple claims: “stripped down, spacious pop music.”

Comparisons are hard to make, needless to say. Daymoths’ inspirations and influences are: Prince, Black Sabbath, Jay Z, Talking Heads, Ella Fitzgerald, Portishead, Blonde Redhead, Phillip Glass, Taj Mahal, Beck, and many others.

Daymoths is touring the southeast USA as a duo from January to April 2012.

Andrea de Jong
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